Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are the letters in ALL CAPS?

This helps ensure that the entire letter stays on the baseplate. Even then, it is not always possible.

How many LEGO® bricks does it take to make a name?

If you were to break it down by letter. On AVERAGE, each letter requires between 40-70 pieces.

So using this calculation, a 6 letter name would require around 330 LEGO® bricks.

October 2013: We have added a new feature that automatically estimates the number of LEGO® bricks each name will require.

How do I connect all of the Baseplates together after I have made all of them?

While this step is not included in the instructions, it can be easily done with the basic 2x4 plate pieces.

Theese pieces are available in both Tan: Tan 2x4 Plate and Green: Greeen 2x4 Plate and are included with a Complete Kit purchase!

What are the dimensions of my name going to be?

The LEGO® baseplates used as a background are almost exactly 10 inches square.

So your name will be 10 inches tall, by how ever many baseplates (times 10) are used as a background.

Why aren't more colors available to choose from?

Currently we only have the easily obtainable LEGO® brick colors available to choose from.

Do you have any more letter styles?

Unfortunately not at this time. This may be expanded in the future.

March 2014: We have added 2 new letter styles!

Why can't I download instructions instantly?

This feature may be available at some point in the future, but it is not currently available.

March 2014: This is now ready for use! Design you name today, download instructions instantly after you are done!

How fast will my order ship?

While the quoted time seems rather excessive in some instances, it only helps ensure that we will be able to provide you with a complete, and accurate order.

Typically orders will ship much sooner

Do you sell any of the wall mounting hardware?

No, we do not currently sell any of this hardware. These types of items should be available at your local hardware store.

Why aren't there any shipping options?

We currently are only shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Estimated shipment times are 2-3 days (this does not include any handling time).

Once your order ships, you will recieve a package confirmation number for your shipment.

What countries do you sell in?

March 2014: We now sell the Instant Downloadable Brick Name Instructions to anywhere* that has Internet access. *A valid PayPal account may be required in some areas

However, we currently only sell the printed intructions, and Complete Kits listed on this website in the USA.

Of course you can always purchase a set of instructions, and then purchase the LEGO® bricks directly from LEGO® at the Pick A Brick

Do you accept returns?

Given the instant delivery for instructions portion of the order, refunds are not available.

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