About Brick Name Maker

This idea started when my wife asked me to make a "name" to go on the wall of our sons room.

Our son previously had a large peice of art with his name hanging on the wall, but as he grows up, it was time for a change.

She asked that this next one be made out of LEGO.

Having previously created LEGO mosaics similar to this, I started making one. The planning / creation (print-out, photoshop, brick count etc) for this was done in a day or so.

Prototype Brick Name Maker Idea

Here is a picture of the prototype that inspired the creation of Brick Name Maker

During the planning, and contruction of this name, we wondered how easy or difficult it would be to create a website that would automate this process.

Initially, we had the program for creating custom graphic letters / words from text strings (names) in a day or two.

After that, we began creating the interface to customize each letter individually. Once that was complete, everything else fell in to place.

Several ideas were thought of to help further customize your creations. We hope to add these new features as time goes on.

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